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Guard Benefits

The Montgomery G.I. Bill:
The Montgomery G.I. Bil may be used in addition to the 100% Federal Tuition Assistance and the Army National Guard G.I. Bill Kicker. Prior service members may also be entitled to the Selective Reserve.

Montgomery G.I. Bill. Eligibility requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Have a 6-year enlistment obligation.
  • Must have an MOS or complete OBC (Officer Basic Course)
  • Have depleted Active Duty Montgomery G.I. Bill.

MGIB-SR Kicker Program:
The Army National Guard G.I. Bill Kicker pays up to $200 a month while attending college (or other approved technical training). Paid as a stipend, this incentive pays up to $7,200 over a period of 36 months.

The eligibility requirements to qualify for the Kicker are as follows:

  • Enlist/reenlist or extend to serve in the Army National Guard for six years
  • Complete Initial Active Duty for Training or Officer Basic Course
  • Have a high school Diploma
  • Enlist in a valid, vacant position
  • For NPS applicants, be a CAT I-IIIA (50 or higher on ASVAB)
  • For PS applicants, be MOS qualified

Tuition Funding:
The Army National Guard funds up to 100% of tuition costs and fees, not to exceed $250 per semester hour and will be limited to $4500 per person per fiscal year. Consult your local recruiter for the policy for the current fiscal year. Tuition Assistance may be used in addition to the Montgomery G.I. Bill, Army National Guard G.I. Bill Kicker, Active Duty Montgomery G.I. Bill and Pell Grants. Eligibility


  • Eligibility begins the day a person joins the Army National Guard, prior to boot camp or even while still in high school.
  • Students need to complete courses in which Tuition Assistance is provided, before their Expiration Term of Service date.
  • Commissioned officers must agree to remain in the Guard for at least 4 years following completion of the course in which Tuition Assistance is provided.
  • The college or university attended must be a nationally or regionally accredited institution.
  • Tuition Assistance funds will not be disbursed without verification of enrollment.
  • The institution must provide the soldier with documentation clearly describing the cost of each course.
  • Student must remain a satisfactory participant in the Army National Guard.

50% South Dakota State Tuition Assistance:
The state of South Dakota offers it’s Guard members a 50% Tuition Waiver at state-supported universities and technical schools. This feature can be used in addition to the other financial incentives offered to qualified Guard members.

Enlistment / Extension Bonuses:
There are many opportunities to earn money in the Army National Guard. In addition to receiving a monthly paycheck, bonuses are available for those enlisting into critical-skilled positions, completing initial training during a certain period, having previously served in the military, or possessing certain job skills. Ask your local recruiter for details.

Other Bonuses:
Additional enlistment bonuses may be available for civilian acquired skills or for prior service members who obtain skills from previous service. While a person may be eligible for different bonuses, the law limits the total amount paid. Ask your local recruiter for details.